Flag of Hawkland with Golden Hawk at Center

Hawkland is a Nation State founded in 09-T. The land was first discovered in 2009-M by Sarah of The Amazons. It is currently as of 665-T, The most technologically advanced nation and has the strongest economy in the world.


After stepping down as Amazon queen, Queen Sarah lead her party including Grelliana, Kelliga McDire, and Jekra out of the chaos of the falling Eveland Empire, to a land she came to know as the home of sister Amazon tribes. When she arrived however she found that warlords were ruling over the land, and Amazons were forced into slavery and humiliation. They were immediately captured and an attempt was made to sell them off, however they did manage to break free. Knowing they could never return to Evianor or the Deathlands, mage Ezla Dimeik sacrificed herself to engulf the entire capital city of the warlords in flame and lava. When she finished the rest of the barbarian tribes scattered. The spot where the city once stood became a desolate place and collapsed into the sea. This attack also had the unexpected side effect of freezing all of her blood relatives in a kind of "magical stasis" until 648-T.

in the year 09-T, Displaced Evelish wanderers established the nation of Hawkland, named for the abundance of Hawks in what first settler Matthew Kale described as "alarming numbers". Settling the "Wild East" as it became known as proved to be a difficult task combating barbarians and fell spirits that occupied the lands. The Amazons laid claim to small patches of land known as "Amazon Boxes" as the elves were pushed into similar patches of land they became known as "Elf Boxes".

Political ClimateEdit

Hawkland's goal has always been generally to provide a place free from a King's rule. Fearing the horrors back in Eveland in the last age, the founders established a democratic government. The issues of women's rights were ironed out early granting them equal status from the start, however women were often disrespected up until the 630s when a cultural revolution took place. Elven rights were always a constant battle however, as they were not deemed "humans" and therefore cannot be granted "human rights". The Elves won the right to vote as late as 658 but are often discouraged and blocked even now. Amazons are treated as outsiders and often looked upon with suspician, however the amazon culture has evolved to grant certain rights to men as well, abolishing male slavery in 634-T. In many cases however men are still discriminated against in Amazon circles, and Amazon men tend to appear malnourished and weakly.

Hawkland has participated in a number of wars including the Hawkland-Raveran war in 423-T, the Hawkland-Evelish war in 521-T, two civil wars first in 543-T the second in 561-T, and Global War I and II. Currently Hawkland is engaged in a war against Scorchland, and its radical government. The Scorchland War has seen mixed favor amongst the people of Hawkland, and many see it as an opportunity to cease gold and riches from Scorchland's many mines.

Cultural ClimateEdit

Hawkland has become a sort of "melting pot" of cultures from the west. Elvish, Amazonian, Evelish, Dunnivalian, Leonan, and Raveran cultures converge with dozens of others forming a unique blend of arts, food, music, values, entertainment, and even architecture.

The general mindsets of different regions tend to vary, as rural people tend to take on a more "do it yourself" attitude, as well as being more religious, and those dwelling in the inner cities tend to lean towards artistic endeavours, technology, and human rights. Cities themselves vary in culture, specialty, and design usually based on how they developed and where. Cities such as Northwood, Rockspan, and Lighthouse City lean towards lumber and trucking, while larger cities like Chickenstock, New Muncinane, and Lost Messangers focus more on financial trade, entertainment, and Tourism.


Hawkland has the strongest economy of any nation as of 664-T index polls. New Muncinane is the per capita center of the finnancial world all throughout Amaghast. Trade occurs between New Muncinane Port and every other nation in the world including enemy nations. The Richest city by numbers is Port Smith in Tassahuett and the poorest major city is Lake City, in Womingan.

Theme parks have also become a huge tourist draw, including the worlds largest theme parks, Telly's World and Tellysland in Flamingoland and Stalinora respectively.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Hawkland was named for Mirian Hawke, the main protagonist in Dragon Age 2. It also has ties to the term Warhawk meaning someone who wants to go to war, and the eagle being the symbol of america (the image on the flag resembles more of an eagle than a hawk)