An Elf is a fae creature distinguished by its pointy ears and lean stature. There are four different groups of elves, the High Elves, the Wilds Elves, The Sun Elves, and the Drora.


At one time all elves were forest elves, and then became high elves until 1233-R (relic) when a group of elves decided to claim the forests as their rightful home. As it had been in ancient times. The high elves and Wilds Elves fought a severe war soon after that lasted from 1245-R to 1261-R when both sides signed an agreement to remain separated but uncaring toward eachother.

In 1423-R The slave class rebelled causing an anarchy to exist in the high city of Darna for 14 years. in 1437-R these elves were discovered to all be of the Drora clan, an entire elven family forced into slavery and inbread for many years until their skin became darker and greyish. Over time at least, their genepool had become so varied that almost every slave could claim Drora ancestry. The slaves were driven from the cities, but were unwelcomed with the Wilds Elves. Instead they retreated to a barren rocky area they named Droria and lived underground. It's uncertain where the Sun elves began or when but it could be that they were a lost clan of wild elves never becoming high elves to begin with.